The right people with the right answers to your questions.

Registration lies at the very heart of Neville Registrars business. From straight forward share transfers to consolidations and sub-divisions of greater complexity, our experienced team are here to ensure that every transaction runs as smoothly as possible.

With the support of a team trained to give swift and accurate answers to all enquiries, Neville Registrars client companies are assured of a highly personal and efficient service - no call centres, call menus or premium rate telephone lines to navigate, just the right people with the right answers to your questions.

Shareholder Communications

Clear conversation through a variety of shareholder documentation and communications.

Neville Registrars is able to print and despatch a wide variety of shareholder communications and documentation, including personalised and bar-coded combined notice of availability and proxy card, notices of meeting, dividend cheques, interim statements, hard copy accounts and other circulars. This avoids the need to commission external printers and therefore, improves efficiency, reduces costs and adds value and convenience for our customers.

As one of the sector leaders in the drive to remove paper from the share registration system and substitute shareholder-friendly electronic systems, Neville Registrars offers step-by-step guidance and support for any client company looking to embark on electronic communications with its shareholders.

Reporting & Register Analysis

Facilitating informed decisions through a clearer view for company stakeholders.

Neville Registrars is committed to providing an efficient, seamless service. We understand our clients need for up-to-date, relevant data.

In addition to copy registers, register extracts, transfer reports, annual return data, proxy scores and a range of other reports tailored to our Companies needs, Neville Registrars is able to conduct in-depth shareholder analysis with the issue of Section 793 notices to nominee companies and incorporation of the data into a S808 register.

No matter how they prefer to receive their information - by phone, email or accessed via our Share Gateway Portal - our client companies can rest assured that their important information is only a click away.

Corporate Actions

Tap into our wisdom and breeze through corporate movements.

Neville Registrars has a vast wealth of experience when it comes to Corporate Actions with over seven decades of takeovers and mergers, capital reorganisations and restructures, rights issues and open offers under our belt.

With the regulatory landscape continually in flux, our in-house development team have given us the flexibility to turn around custom solutions in a time frame typically measured in hours rather than months.


Services and advice to take the stress out of going public.

IPOs and other fund raising transactions often have tight timetables and can be intensive times for a company. Neville Registrars are here to alleviate as much of the stress as we can.

From commenting on draft admission documents, applying for ISINs, preparing applications to CREST, reporting results to the setting up of the Register of Members itself, Neville Registrars experienced team can be relied upon to ensure that all elements are carried out promptly and to schedule.